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If thick, flavorful vapes at the top of your priorities, then there should be a big bright highlighter over the words Arizer Solo on your list.

Arizer Solo provides some of the best tasting vapor on the market.

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Arizer Solo is perfect for you, if you:

  • Want insane vapor quality built into an extreme small vaporizer.
  • Want insane manufacturing quality. The only other Portable Vaporizer on the market that compares to the durability of the Arizer Solo is the Magic Flight Launch Box, but it pales in comparison to vapor quality.

You might want a different Vaporizer if:

  • Want an insanely small Vape Pen style vape. The Arizer Solo is small. In fact, for it’s quality it’s damn small; but in terms of Portable Vaporizers, it’s one of the largest. If you’re looking for something really small that you can take with you to concerts, work, or school, you might want to look at a Vaporizer Pen instead.
  • Want something cheap. The Arizer Solo is not an entry-level portable vape for someone who’s just getting their vaporizer feet wet.

If thick, flavorful vapes at the top of your priorities, then there should be a big bright highlighter over the words Arizer Solo on your list.

Your jaw will hit the floor when you taste your first few sips; no other Portable Vaporizer on the market is able to deliver the vape quality that the Arizer Solo can.

The good news is you’re the proud new owner of the best Portable Vape on the market – tasty, thick vapor clouds that no Portable can compared to. The bad news is your friends will be red with envy (jealousy’s a mothafucka).

Arizer offers you the best temperature control of any Portable Vape – delivered quickly, accurately and efficiently

You’re inhaling tasty vapor sips in under 2 minutes, and can choose between 7 different temperature settings to find the exact temperature you’re looking for.

This means if you want to feel energetic, smiley & be social you use setting 2 or 3, and for a more relaxed ease-paced, slow effect you could use setting 4 or 5. Having 7 settings from 122ºF-410ºF (50ºC-210ºC) available means you control every freaking detail of your vapor experience.

The Solo destroys other Portable Vaporizers in battery life

Armed with a Lithium Ion battery (the same kind that’s in your iPhone), you will get up to 2 hours of continuous vaporizing per charge. Compare that to other industry leaders like the Magic Flight Launch Box’s which gets 2-4 hits per charge & you really get a feel for how much better the Solo’s experience is.

The Arizer Solo looks out for you, your friends, and family with a wonderfully thought out 12-minute auto shutoff switch

Let’s face it, chances are very high you’re going to forget to turn this bad boy off every now and again. Save yourself the risk of burning your house down, while saving your battery life & eliminating burn out on the heating element. When you’re late-night vaping and should be careful about passing out beside an electronic heated to 410ºF heater, Arizer has you covered.

It also means the Solo lasts longer than other portable vaporizers by saving hours of life on the ceramic heating element.

Here’s something your friends will love you for: Best. Flavor. EVAR.

Arizer Solo provides some of the best tasting vapor on the market

You get a Lifetime Warranty on the heating element, plus a 2 Year Warranty on the Arizer Solo Vaporizer itself

If you’re thinking about ordering a Vaporizer, you should feel safe that you’re making a good investment. Because of this, it’s important to read into how confident the Manufacturers are about their product. The head honcho’s over at Arizer put their money where their mouth is. First off the cover all Manufacturer’s defects – meaning if your vaporizer dies any time between now & two years from now, they will replace or repair your Solo on their dime so you don’t spend a penny.

Extended on top of that is a Lifetime Warranty on the heating element. If the heating element dies for whatever reason from now until infinity, it’s covered – you don’t pay a penny.

That’s what you call having faith in your product.

Arizer has been very good at honouring any defects that have come up & I feel confident recommending the Arizer Solo to you because of past experiences when I’ve dealt with them.


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